Thursday 3 January 2013

Just how harmful can one single review be? - Horror Stories (3)

There remains a feeling in some quarters that 'Our kind of business doesn't need to worry about reviews'. So here we look at the logic of this...

Here's a review posted on Ciao (Bing's product and service review platform): 

It is the only review of this (large) company we've found on the whole of the world-wide-web. So:
  • Is it helpful to the business? - no!

  • Is it harmful to the business? - this question bears more thorough examination...
If the search is simply '[company name]', probably not - Google does not return the review in the first 10 pages of its results.

If, however, the search is "['company name']+[ 'reviews']" then the review is returned on page 1. This, then,  is potentially very damaging - the potential client googling '[company name]+[review]' is explicitly looking for opinions - and this is the only opinion being returned.

  • Engage with all your clients
  • Invite reviews
  • Manage negatives in private
  • Show the world credible positive opinions
In short - Dialogue™

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