Saturday 1 December 2012

Hotels - Dialogue in a nutshell

Now that results for Dialogue have been conclusively proven, our clients are increasingly being asked about Dialogue by their clients and business connections.  A client asked one of our advisors for a short description of Dialogue that they could pass on and it was so well received they suggested we post it here...

Dialogue for hotels:
  • Shows great guest opinions on the hotels own site - encouraging direct booking
  • Deflects negatives away from external sites, and in doing so...
  • ...enhances rankings and scores on TripAdvisor and and all other OTAs
  • increases the flow of positives to sites like TripAdvisor and Google Local

There you are! There is more - improved employee morale (leading to improved staff retention), great feedback for management and so on, but the core of Dialogue's value is contained in those four bullet points - even more so since the introduction of Dynamic Display

And remember...

...we reward our clients who recommend us!

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