Monday 30 March 2020

How can we all help businesses in these troubled times?

There is no doubt that many businesses will emerge from the current crisis to face pent up demand, from everyone from home sellers to those needing a much-needed break from isolation. So which businesses are going to get that trade? Most important of all, are the right businesses going to benefit?

It is now beyond argument that a great Google score plus a good number of reviews influence consumers in every walk of life. This might be a core decider - the type of person who says 'I won't use a business unless it scores at last 4.5 out of 5' or a marginal influence, for example: where a home seller says 'I chose agents A and B because I know their local reputation and they have been recommended by friends but I also invited agent C to pitch because they looked so impressive on Google.'

Like this...

So how can you help a local business in these stressful times? The answer is simple: write one - or more - Google reviews. 


You will either be signed up to Google already, in which case you will see this (with minor differences depending on whether you are on mobile/tablet or desktop)...

And you can go right ahead and enter your rating - from one to five stars - and continue to write your review (and add a photo, if relevant).

Or you will be new to Google reviews, and you will see this...

Click 'Create account' bottom left and you are a minute away from writing your first review!

And if you enjoyed doing that (you can be sure the business you review will enjoy receiving it*), you may even consider becoming what Google calls a 'Local Guide', it's a way for everyone to identify reviewers who add more value for those seeking out really great local businesses.

*Google has temporarily suspended publishing reviews - but don't let that put you off writing them, they will be published as soon as Google works out a way for its moderators to access the relevant systems from home.

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