Tuesday 10 March 2020

Coronavirus - reviews have a part to play

You will, by know, have heard reports of profiteering by businesses selling masks and hand sanitiser at vastly inflated prices. So far, most of these stories emanate from eBay and the online world, so you would be forgiven for resorting to your local pharmacy, but should you?

We keep an eye on our local forum - Nextdoor.co.uk - and this afternoon this story bubbled up:

Concerning by itself, but when combined with these Google reviews, of all three of their outlets...

The individual reviews - of which there are 134 across the three branches - mention alleged overcharging in so many instances, and over a period well before any of us had heard of Coronavirus.  The message? Loud and clear - check Google reviews before you use any business and, for the sake of your fellow consumers, write reviews to warn them of establishments that, in your opinion, provide poor service or value for money.

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