Wednesday 1 November 2017

Winkworth wins Website of the Year

Congratulations to Winkworth - winners of the Negotiator Website of the Year.  Especially to Wilfred Tienzo, their head of technology, everyone else at Winkworth and at Homeflow, their web designers.

And what did the Judges say?

“A new website designed to give visitors a better experience, to be more responsive and, crucially, generate more leads. It works!”

Here's our contribution - and see it live here.

Feeding through to this in search...

  • 'Reviews from the web' - centre right in the Google knowledge panel and right under their organic listing
  • Star rating and score from their own reviews under their organic listing
  • Google reviews - every person who writes a review to their website is invited to post a  review to Google
  • Google rich snippets - the three influential quotes under reviews at the bottom of the Google knowledge panel turn making them look like this in local search...

...reinforcing the message - 'We are good at what we do, not because we say so, but because our clients say so' time after time, backing up all their other marketing efforts.

Well done Winkworth!

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