Wednesday 29 October 2014

Why do business with a HelpHound member?

 This may seem like an obvious question with an obvious answer, so first: our answer...

Because you will be able to trust them

There, did you expect that?

If you did: congratulations. If not - read on...

All HelpHound clients promise to respond to any (and all) criticism

If you have an issue with a HelpHound client, any issue at all, they promise to respond to you. They will explain what happened, apologise if they were in the wrong, and make suitable restitution if that is warranted.

And the effect of that simple promise?

All HelpHound members are great businesses

Not perfect - but is any business?  They have agreed to be bound by our terms and conditions - by which they explicitly promise to engage with all their customers.

In our book that makes them great - a great business is one that may occasionally get things wrong, but always does its very best to make good when it does.

There are businesses that do not make the HelpHound grade

Our members effectively self-select. If a business knows that by inviting comment it will be overwhelmed by complaints it will not join HelpHound in the first place. If we can identify this as an issue early in membership negotiations we will halt the process and advise the business to put its house in order before reapplying.

Does this make HelpHound reviews more valuable?

We would say it does. If you see HelpHound reviews on a business's website you will know...
  • That the business welcomes feedback from all its customers
  • That the business responds to all issues raised by its customers
  • That their customers are free to comment at any time
So were back to that single, but vitally important, word again:


You can trust a HelpHound member - to provide great service and to communicate, even when things don't go right all the time. It almost means that you can safely ignore all those lovingly written reviews, until you realise it is they that underpin the whole concept!

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