Sunday 26 October 2014

Dialogue™ for hospitality - whatever your objectives

If you run a hotel (and/or a restaurant) there will be certain key points of focus, and they are not the same for everybody. Whatever your individual priorities, Dialogue will help you address them.

Occupancy - higher and more profitable

Negative reviews (or a lack of positive reviews) will not help fill beds (or put bums on seats). Even if occupancy targets are being met, are you sure that this is not at the expense of rates?

Dialogue will mean that you have to make far less sacrifice in terms of rates to ensure that those occupancy targets are met. Dialogue also means more direct bookings through your own website, saving OTA commissions.

Rates and revenue - higher

Looking great online means that you can charge a premium; whether that be for a room or dinner. Dialogue will get you at least 25% more positive reviews to TripAdvisor (or Google) and deflect at least 75% of the negative reviews you might otherwise have.

You won't need us to tell you how this feeds through to revenue and profitability.

Feedback - accurate, not misleading

We all need feedback, but it is easy to be misled. If seven guests complain about the bed being too firm on TripAdvisor, do you replace your beds with softer mattresses? Only if those complaints are statistically meaningful. If they are seven guests out of a hundred, then maybe, but seven guests from ten thousand?

Dialogue will get you more feedback from guests who would not normally write a review on TripAdvisor (remember: only one in 1500 hotel guests leave a review there) so you will have the right kind of feedback upon which to base crucial decisions. You can even insert additional questions to 'survey' guests on a specific point and for a defined timescale.

Competitiveness - looking good, relatively

We all have competitors, and looking great by comparison is important. We monitor all our clients' rankings and scores against their designated competitors, so you can see just how well you (and Dialogue) are performing.

Staff: morale and recruiting - higher and easier

Looking great online means better staff morale and is an aid to recruiting. No-one wants to work in an environment where there is a constant drip of criticism (even if much of it is demonstrably unfair).

In summary...

Dialogue will help you:
  • Enhance occupancy - at rates that make you money
  • Drive rates and revenue - enhancing profitability
  • Gain accurate feedback 
  • Look great against your competitors
  • Enhance staff morale

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