Wednesday 16 April 2014

Our elevator pitch in 2014

Recently a client helpfully pointed out that our core message had evolved quite a bit over the years and they suggested we post an update, so here goes...

HelpHound's Dialogue is designed to answer the number one question posed by all your potential customers:  

"Just how good is this business?"

and in doing so...

Drive more business

That's it; there's a lot more in the detail (and you can read all about it all in this blog) but it always comes back to the concept of independently verified consumer opinion and its proven ability to drive business through your website or your door, with one crucial added ingredient: control; your control, not Google's, not TripAdvisor's, not Yelp's, not AllAgents' - yours. 

No matter what kind of business you are - accountant or zoo - estate agent or hotel - Dialogue will get you those opinions and display them for you with complete credibility: driving more business.

  • Dialogue - guaranteed to drive more enquiries through your website
  • Dialogue - guaranteed to drive more conversions
  • Dialogue - guaranteed to make you look great on your own website
  • Dialogue - guaranteed to make you look great all over the web

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