Tuesday 22 April 2014

Case History - Greene & Co

We all learn from each other - and we learn a lot from our clients. Here we pass on the experience of just one who has driven the implementation of Dialogue and made a huge success of it...

The Greene & Co team (Claire bottom right) are no slouches when it comes to marketing - and yes, the t-shirted one in the middle is James Corden (who, as Smithy, dropped in to their Monday morning meeting as a reward for their fund-raising efforts on behalf of the Teenage Cancer Trust).

David Pollock (MD) and Claire-Louise Taylor (Head of Marketing) have been involved and engaged from the very start, way before we went live, but crucially, at launch and ever since, they have encouraged and supported the concept of reviews as a business driver until they are no longer simply 'a useful addition' to Greene & Co sales and marketing efforts: they have become embedded in the Greene & Co culture, from senior management, through their six branches and amongst their negotiators and support staff.

So what approach did Greene & Co adopt?

They realised that for Dialogue to really produce the results they wanted, everyone in the company must be engaged; and engage them Greene & Co have. They have a rolling competition amongst all their negotiators with rewards for those that bring in the most reviews.

Claire-Louise has been proactive and engaged at every step along the journey, making sure those on the shop-floor understood the value of Dialogue, and channeling feedback to us here at HelpHound.


Greene & Co have six branches across North London, from Kensal Rise to Crouch End trading as Greene & Co as well as Urban Spaces in Clerkenwell.

Since going live in March 2013 just one of their branches has produced the following:

  • 128 live reviews averaging a rating of 4.7 out of 5
  • Out of these, exactly 100 rate them at 5 out of 5
  • 27 rate them at 4 out of 5
  • 1 rates them at 3 out of 5
Crucially, Dialogue has also produced 13 reviews that contained some kind of issue for the branch to resolve. This has succeeded in every case (no negative reviews have been published).

The following are screenshots of some of the recent comments (these are shown to prospective clients):

And note the 'Helpful' votes - every one from a prospective client who has not only taken the trouble to read the review, but also to vote.

Another key feature of Dialogue is the way it automatically invites your clients to post to Google (or any other 'open' site):

There can now be no doubt in any prospective clients' mind that Green & Co deliver on the promises they make. And here's Dialogue delivering for Greene & Co.

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