Monday 1 July 2013

One more BIG reason to host reviews on your own website


There are many reasons you should be hosting reviews on your own website...
  • To attract new customers
  • To reassure and retain existing customers
  • To get great feedback
  • To enable you to manage customer issues in private
  • Because you know that if you don't they will look elsewhere for them

But there's one that is often overlooked...
  • Reviews add colour - there's no-one better placed to give your prospective customers a really true impression of your business than your existing customers, and they are in a unique position to perform that service. In their own words, in ways that would stretch credibility if you were to say it for yourself - and it's that colour that gives consumers the confidence to buy

Let's look at some examples...

A customer says "The best in the area..." Can you say that?

A customer says "Their staff go the extra mile" Can you say that?

A customer says "Their service beats their competitors" Can you say that?

A customer says "They saved my marriage" Can you say that?!!

Add COLOUR - get Dialogue now!


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