Wednesday 3 July 2013

Awards - as good as they are

As all estate agents know, there are more and more awards out there, and this has a potential downside: when there were just a few well-known ones (the Sunday Times is just one example) life, for clients, was simple. with the recent proliferation we were interested to know what your clients thought, so we asked a representative cross-section a simple question...

"You are looking to sell or let a property, you research local agents and on their websites half have awards and the other half have verified client reviews. Which do you choose?"

The key headline answer surprised even us:

"The ones with client opinions." 100%

Some of the comments were interesting. Your clients don't know whether some of the  companies making some of the awards are credible or not, they don't understand the difference between them, and aren't actually that interested anyway. We heard comments like "aren't they working for the agents?" time and again.


We aren't suggesting that awards are worthless, far from it; in a face-to-face situation awards can be incredibly valuable (where you are able to explain the criteria and selection process). And they have to add value in the marketing process.


But we are saying that your potential clients value credible reviews. Don't take our word for it, ask them, and when you have their answers get Dialogue working alongside your award!

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