Thursday 10 November 2022

Next buys - but why?

This is not yet another article about how many £££s in fees the sponsoring banks and lawyers have made out of It's about why Next might spend over £3m buying a website and a few domain names out of the liquidation.

We'll keep this simple: gets over 20 million visits a year for which it pays nothing - by ranking very high for loads of keywords in organic search. Next, on the other hand, is paying about 40p for every click. Buying will save Next over £4 million in the first year alone.

And all because Google search ranks so highly.

So what relevance does this have for reviews and review management? It's simple really. In these increasingly tough times businesses need to do all they can to maximise clicks and calls through search. And one thing that can make your business stand out to Google? Hosting reviews. Most tech professionals estimate that hosting reviews on a business's website contributes around 15 percent to its overall SEO score. And great SEO = more clicks and calls, right?

Add on moderation, to drive the business's Google score up by from 0.2 to 0.6 and you have a winning formula.

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