Friday 13 May 2022

Trustpilot - and again!

And here's the business in question's listing on Trustpilot - today...

Now, are we the only people that think that if you have cause to think - enough cause to initiate legal action - that if the company in question is playing fast and loose with your review platform its listing should be suspended altogether?

This business is suspected of gaming its reviews, so what does Trustpilot do - aside from (apparently) sue it?
  • It leaves 111 of its reviews up on the site
  • It maintains the business's rating at 'Excellent'
  • It continues to prominently display the business's 5* Trustpilot rating
Euro Resales also does well on

And Yell...

But, interestingly has achieved the near impossible with Google - no reviews and no knowledge panel at all...

This is what 2.2 million UK businesses look like in Google search...

So, why no knowledge panel (the box on the right) and no reviews, let alone a 'Write a review' button (bottom right)? A business would normally have to adopt some pretty strenuous reverse SEO to achieve that ('reverse SEO' being defined as 'extra effort to be invisible to Google').

In conclusion

Regular readers will not be surprised that we have question marks over Trustpilot's action - again. There is no reason for any business to prefer Trustpilot reviews over Google's (which are free) - except that Trustpilot appears to be quite helpful in making it tiresome for consumers to get negative reviews of businesses published (see below). We know that the CMA have issues surrounding this, we just wish they would act.

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