Friday 22 January 2016

Tripadvisor's Top 25 UK hotels - and how you can compete

As we all know, you need a great product to make the TripAdvisor Top 25. And making the Top 25 means you can adjust your rates accordingly.


 See the full article - and all the Top 25 - here

Less well known is that this works all the way down the rankings - if you are ranked at 100 (in London) and can improve to 80, if you are ranked at 5 (in Aberystwyth) and can improve to 3, you can adjust your rates upwards.

There's not a hotel in the top 25 that has not adopted a full-time review management strategy. Encouraging great reviews and managing less than completely satisfied guest comments before they make it onto TripAdvisor (or Google...). And that's what HelpHound is all about: if you look good we'll help you look great, if you look great we'll help you look even better - guaranteed.

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