Thursday 26 February 2015

Hotels - the benefits of Dialogue in 2015

Here we highlight the long-term benefits of Dialogue for hotels...

Dialogue on your own website:
  • Gives your guests the reviews they crave, without leaving your website
  • Gives your guests a channel to use if they are less than satisfied, so they don't feel they have to post a negative review where it will harm you

The effects of Dialogue on your online reputation:
  • An instant and sustained uplift in the number of positive reviews where they matter most to you: TripAdvisor or Google (or both)
  • An instant and sustained fall in negatives posted anywhere (TripAdvisor, Google,, other OTAs, Facebook, Twitter and anywhere else on the web)
Leading to:
  • Improved scores and ratings everywhere: TripAdvisor,, Google and the rest
  • Harder rates
  • Improved guest relations
  • Improved management and employee morale
Recent changes...
To see the full article go here

Google makes hundreds of changes each year and most pass unnoticed, but some are fundamental. In 2104 the biggest single change impacting hotels was the introduction of the 'local 3-pack' in the USA. The UK and Europe will not be far behind. See this article for full details.

There are shifts in the overall review landscape. Although Yelp has yet to make a major impact in the UK, it certainly has the financial muscle to do so; Google is rapidly reaching critical mass as an influencer. We keep track of the number of reviews hotels have on Google and gone are the days when they were counted in low double figures. 

Take the Ritz as an example: in the last month they have passed the 100 reviews mark on Google. How many reviews does the average guest need to see before they don't feel the need to go to TripAdvisor? Probably only those on page one and the negatives (we all look at the negatives, right?), but they will be looking for critical mass in terms of total number of reviews, so probably a hundred plus. 

While we are on the subject of negatives - even a hotel as famous as the Ritz can benefit from review management. They cannot be happy with two out of the three reviews that took them over a hundred:

To Summarise:

Our role is so much more than 'just' review management; we will keep you abreast of any developments that impact your guests' perceptions of your service, and we will provide the best solution in every case.

We are here to help you present your hotel in the best possible light, driving new business and enhancing guest retention; Dialogue has become an essential tool for the modern hotel marketeer.

And when you understand that HelpHound's service has the flexibility to seamlessly adapt to your hotel's individual needs and integrate with your systems (independent or group) then there's even less reason to hesitate!

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