Wednesday 5 November 2014

Reviews - made simple

Once we understand the modern consumers' attitude to reviews, all becomes clear. Let's start with the facts:
  • Consumers read reviews - more and more
  • Consumers rely on reviews - more and more
  • Great reviews drive business - consumers are influenced by them
  • Bad reviews deflect business - whether fairly written or not
  • Google reviews are first to be seen - always
  • Other reviews are read - especially if you do not have Google reviews

Your Google+ page shows you just how many people 
seeing your reviews - but only if you have them!

Now we can begin to plan a strategy; let's take the points above one at a time:

1. Consumers read reviews (consumers demand reviews)

So let's give them the reviews they crave. And remember, we're talking reviews here, not testimonials. Let's display them prominently on our website, and let's get them where our prospective customers are looking for us: onto the web (Google in the main).
2. Consumers rely on reviews

As above. Denying potential customers the reviews they instinctively look for has the effect of making your business look as if it were established yesterday.

3. Reviews drive business

So let's show them where they will drive business the most - on our home page and on Google.

4. Bad reviews deflect business

So let's do our best to resolve any issues our customers have before they feel the need to write a negative review. 

5. Google reviews are first to be seen

And now often the only reviews to be seen. So let's employ a mechanism which will get great reviews to Google.

6. Other reviews are read 

So, after we have got great reviews to Google, let's focus on the less prominent sites.

Now: what Dialogue will do to address the points above...

  • Dialogue will enable you to invite reviews - effectively and professionally, to your own website and to Google
  • Dialogue will display those reviews for you - with credibility - on your own website
  • Resolution - a key process within Dialogue - will enable you to manage any issues or complaints your customers may have before anything is posted publicly
  • Dialogue will get reviews to Google
  • Dialogue will get reviews to other sites that matter

Professional review management

Overarching all of this you will be a HelpHound client. We will advise on strategy and keep you up to date on changes at the search engines and major review sites. We will be proactive in contacting you when we consider a change is necessary and will always be on hand to help you make the very best of Dialogue.

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