Tuesday 10 December 2013

Resolution - working for you and your customer

Resolution™ is a key component of Dialogue, so it's vitally important that all our clients understand exactly how it works; so first some background...

Why do consumers write negative reviews?

Sites like TripAdvisor and Google Places would like to think it's about warning others to avoid the business in question. Our experience dictates otherwise: they think it's the easiest way to get the business's attention

The introduction of Resolution

We brought in Resolution so that businesses and their customers could raise and discuss issues before a review was posted. So there would be an easier and fairer way to 'get the business's attention'.


Because running (and choosing) a business is just as much about how a company addresses issues where an element of their product or service has gone wrong. Reviews that simply highlight problems are often unhelpful to both the business and their potential customers. 

We realised that a service that allowed them both an opportunity to resolve (hence the name) whatever issue had arisen would be helpful.

How, exactly, does Resolution work? 

Let's itemise the steps:
  1. The customer writes their review
  2. HelpHound's moderators read the review, posting positives straight away, but sending any reviews that contain issues to the business
  3. The business responds - through HelpHound
  4. This process is repeated until the customer is happy
  5. The customer is invited to post a new review*
*This last point is critical. We sometimes meet potential clients who have seen what we have achieved for their competitors and assume that we have some magic formula that makes negative reviews go away. 

That (enabling our clients to select or edit reviews) would mean that Dialogue (and all the reviews its shows) would lose all credibility.

Now let's look at results

HelpHound processes thousands of reviews every month, for all kinds of businesses, and this gives us very accurate feedback (remember that we see both sides of the conversation, and we speak with the business and their customer independently as well):

  • For every 100 reviews posted through Resolution less than 1 results in the customer taking up the invitation to post a 'final' review. 
  • That review often reads along the lines of "I had a problem but ABC business resolved it."
  • Less than 1 in 500 feel the need to post about their experience anywhere else on the web

And how we achieve them...

Our moderators work very closely with our clients to ensure a positive outcome for every review that enters Resolution. They effectively 'mediate' between our clients and their customers.

And the effect for the business:

  • Very valuable feedback
  • Increased customer retention
  • Improved online reputation

Resolution is seen by our clients as a valuable addition to their customer service efforts, and one that would be very difficult, whatever their resources (both human and financial) to replicate in-house, because it is HelpHound's very independence from the business that makes it work so effectively.

Remember: our reputation is at stake alongside your own!

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