Wednesday 5 June 2019

A business wins an award - and loses

As regular readers will know, we are not great fans of the 'chunks of perspex in the window' school of marketing. Why? Because it causes businesses to take their eye off the prize. That prize? A great Google score and looking unrivalled in search. Yesterday just such an email found its way into our inbox. Let's take a look:

A winner!

But are they? Suppose we check on Google. First a search on the business itself:

Here are two out of three of their Google rich snippets:

A look at the reviews Google judge to be the 'most relevant'

How about a search on 'estate agents hull':

When - and if - a potential client makes it past these Google searches (bear in mind that they are bound to do at last one of them, if only to find the business's phone number) they will see this:

And our take on that? Read this article from exactly a year ago.

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