Tuesday 1 August 2017

Recruitment and reviews

We have taken a long hard look at the recruitment sector - and compared it to one we know well: estate agency.

There are many things that differentiate recruitment from estate agency - and we are adding one more: reviews.

Have a look at this random selection of recruitment specialists...

 ...and what do we see? None have yet found a solution that has given them the confidence to proactively engage with reviews - many have no reviews at all, some have a handful - and often those are damagingly negative in both score and content.

And now for some estate agencies...

 Reviews a-plenty

What is the difference?

One thing, and one thing only: estate agencies have tuned in to the power of reviews (three years ago they presented in very much the same way as recruitment consultants). So, we ask ourselves; why have estate agents stolen such a pronounced march on recruitment? For one overriding  reason...
  • competition: once one agency learned what a powerful influence reviews were - for good, for driving new business - word of the impact on their business soon spread

Look at just one example: Greene & Co, with eight branches in North London. This is how they looked in a Google search in 2015:

And this is what a typical Greene & Co location looks like today...

So what impact do you expect this had on their business? One of the easy ways to tell is to look at their competitors in the local area and see how they have reacted...

My have [most of them] learned from Greene & Co's example!

There is absolutely no reason why a business in the world of recruitment, currently looking like this in search:

Should not be looking as good as this: 

 Great reviews, and so many as to be convincing; a great score and great 'rich snippets' (the three review quotes that Google displays in search)  

And this (on the business's own site):

     Reviews like this, hosted on the business's own site, are proven to drive both enquiries and business

Come on in! - and get the benefits of professional review management flowing.

This is a Google My Business report sent to us by a client within weeks of joining - confirming, in black-and-white (OK - blue-and-green) the impact of HelpHound membership. You will too.

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