Wednesday 21 June 2017

Barclays in the frame - and not just their senior management

Most of you will have seen an article like this in the last day or so:

 But that's not the only way a business like Barclays is judged. What do their customers think? Let's look...



Our conclusion

It is not so much the reviews and scores that reflect badly on the business (although they do) but the fact that Barclays have obviously turned a blind eye to the negative impression they have allowed to be created on the web by a tiny minority of their customers (who may, or may not, be representative).

What have they not done?
  • they have not had the common courtesy to respond to their customers who have taken the time to write a review - positive or negative
  • they patently have no review management strategy in place - either corporately or at local branch level

What should they have done (and should now do)?
  • establish a proactive review management strategy - to engage all their customers -  at corporate level
  • implement that strategy across their branch network 
  • and reply to every review

It's not complicated, expensive or time-consuming. It is simply a question of asking itself: "Do we care about our customers and, just as importantly, do we want to be seen to care?"

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