Thursday 16 February 2017

HelpHound: so much more than just Google

Because HelpHound is about so much more than just software we end up speaking to our clients every day of our working lives; sometimes it's an issue with a single review, at other times we are liaising with them their web designers over bespoking their HelpHound feed or module. But invariably one subject will always crop up - Google.

All engaged business managers and owners will always be aware of how their business appears in search:
  • where does it rank in natural search for popular searches?
  • is it appearing in the 3-pack for those searches?
  • does it score well?
  • are the first half dozen reviews positive?
  • are all three rich snippets in the Knowledge Panel positive?
And this is as it should be.  And it's a big part of HelpHound's role on your behalf to make sure your are able to answer the review-related questions above - the third, fourth and fifth - in the affirmative.

Much more than just Google

 'With (R) or without (L)' - if you doubt the power of hosting reviews on your own site we would respectfully suggest a chat with Nigel Field or Loran Absalom at Winkworth Kennington! At the very least google 'Winkworth Kennington and follow the consumer journey

But never lose sight of the benefits of having reviews on your own website; many of our clients actually value those reviews more than those on Google. Here are some of the comments we hear:

"Potential clients often come direct to our website, bypassing Google - so the reviews we show there are the first they see."

Examples: when they follow a link from another site - a portal, for instance.

"We often use our reviews in our marketing."

Examples: window displays, advertising and other marketing. Bear in mind that the reviews on your website are yours, not Google's not HelpHound's - your own, to display wherever and whenever you like.

"Even if the client has at first been attracted to our website in the first place by our Google reviews, the fact that we host independently verified reviews on our website encourages them to make that critical first contact."

Note: always ask enquirers what prompted them to make contact. 

More than 'just reviews' as well 

If it's remotely reviews-related, we are here to help and advise:
  • a factually incorrect or misleading review has appeared on Google? We will show you how to appeal it
  • the same for any other website
  • issues with G+ or the Google Knowledge Panel? We will advise
  • concerned about the Google Filter or 'Top Rated'? We will help
  • Google introduce anything else like these two, we will be here to offer a solution 
HelpHound: here to support your engagement with the world of reviews - and Google (but not just Google)!

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