Tuesday 21 February 2017

HelpHound for hotels - how simple can it be?

For 2017 we have made some adjustments that will make our service for hotels even easier to understand - and adopt.

The benefits

There are two core reasons your hotel should adopt HelpHound:
  • impact on your online image
  • effect on your direct bookings

In more detail...

Looking as good as can be all over the web

It's so simple - as soon as you embed HelpHound the following happens:
  1. Negative comments - everywhere - fall
  2. Positive comments - on all open sites (TripAdvisor, Google and so on) rise
That's guaranteed. 

Direct bookings

 You know your guests want to read reviews before booking - HelpHound enables you to display them on your own website so you can increase your chances of the guest booking direct - no clicking away to OTAs

You know your guests are looking for them - so HelpHound enables you to show them. That way there's far less temptation to go elsewhere. 

Commission saved. 

And there's more...

Feedback Manager

Do you respond to your online reviews? Everywhere? Fine - you don't need Feedback Manager. But so many hoteliers tell us that they lack the resources to manage this aspect of their business, so we do it for them - full time or part time (during staff holidays, for instance).

This response - personal and professional - will impress anyone reading the review. Note that the hotel has addressed the positive comments in the review rather than just posting a simple 'thank you' as so many do.

Some of you may be asking 'Why is it so important to respond to reviews?' The answer is simple:
  • it impresses future guests
  • it reduces the likelihood that a disgruntled guest will post a negative review

The full service

HelpHound is so much more than just software. We are review managers and we will provide ongoing help and support on anything related to reviews - including appealing unfair TripAdvisor or Google reviews. We are here to make sure our clients present the best possible image online, as they do physically with their properties.

The punchline:

Now for £1 a room/month. No ifs, no buts. With no contract for the first six months - that's how confident we are that you will see the benefits - fast.


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