Friday 21 October 2016

Estate Agents: Go 'Multiple'

Since we first wrote about this in May many more of our clients have had success in using a 'multiple' invitation. Here we explain the 'why's and how's'.

But first - what exactly is a 'Multiple' invitation? Here is an example:

So: a multiple invitation gives your client a choice - between your own website, and any other sites that matter (in the example above - Google and Facebook).

Why send a multiple invitation?

All of your clients can leave a review on your website - the direct link in your email takes them straight to the review box - job done.

More clients than you might expect can leave a Google review - and that is the most visible and powerful place to have reviews these days. 

Most clients will have a Facebook account - and that's a powerful place to have reviews these days.

If you have done a really good job, you will be pleasantly surprised just how many of your clients will repeat their review across multiple platforms - often all three. Especially if you actively encourage them to do so.

But what if the client is not completely happy?

All of you are aware that Resolution - within the HelpHound system - allows you an opportunity to engage with your less than happy clients pre-publication. That's the reason we advise all new clients to start with the single invitation to write a review through HelpHound. 

When we first introduced the multiple invitation it was tested by established clients and monitored very closely here at HelpHound. The last thing we - and our clients - wanted was inaccurate and misleading negative reviews cropping up on Google and Facebook. 

We are now confident that this will not happen. Why? Because the overwhelming majority of clients who had some issue or other with the service provided - and we are talking very nearly 100% here - choose to post to the agent's website, not Google or Facebook.

The advantages of the 'Multiple invitation':
  1. One email - job done
  2. Clients who choose to post to your own website are still invited to copy their review to Google
  3. Great results
Action needed:

Speak to Karen Hutchings or one of her team here at HelpHound. She will make sure that you have the correct links to embed into your multiple invitation. She will also advise you how to make sure your business's Facebook page (you can restrict the invitation to just your site and Google) is set up to receive and show reviews.

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