Thursday 25 August 2016

You currently have NO reviews?

It's not such a bad place to start, some businesses first contact us because they only have a negative review - on Google or some other review site that matters to them. In this article we will describe what HelpHound does for new clients with no reviews anywhere on the web.

So - what will HelpHound do?

The first thing we do is design a module for your website: 

 We recommend this is displayed prominently on your home page - and anywhere else your prospective customers land - or spend time - on your website. The module - the blue box - links straight through to your reviews (59 in this case) and the snippets to the right revolve every second or so to attract the visitor's attention. To see Winkworth Blackheath's module in action click here.

Prospective customers will be able to see all of your reviews:

 The question they will all be asking: "Can I believe these reviews - and are they all shown here?" is answered right at the top - next to the HelpHound logo. It is this that adds the element of credibility that gives reviews so much power when compared with testimonials.

It will fit in with your branding - using your own colourways. 

The module will contain questions - a maximum of seven (although we usually recommend five to start with). We will advise on these, but the final decision on wording rests with you:

All you really want is your customers' written opinions and scores. That's why we suggest 'Overall Opinion' is the only mandatory field. When your customer hits 'submit' their review is sent direct to our moderators who check that the content complies with out T&Cs. If the reviewer has rated the business less than 4 stars the review is immediately forwarded to the business so they can respond to the reviewer in private. The business must respond to their customer (this is a condition of HelpHound membership).

We will then give you an email to send to your customers. Embedded in this email will be a link that goes straight to your HelpHound module on your website, so they can write their review.

When the review is written we will automatically send them a second email - from you - asking them to copy their review to Google.


You should expect roughly 50% of the customers you invite to write a review to your website:

 And about 50% of those to go on and copy their review to Google:

 The rich snippets - the three quotes - are taken directly by Google from your reviews

This will give you a Google score (once you have 5 reviews):

And a star rating - based on your HelpHound score - in natural search:

  Here in desktop search - fed directly by your HelpHound module

  Here in Mobile - drawing attention to your business in search
   Not so hard, was it?

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