Monday 19 October 2015

Dialogue™ - let's look at some numbers (for Hotels)

Our recent article about estate agents proved popular, so here we look at some numbers for a hotel.

Some salient facts about the business in question:
  • They accept that rates and rankings are related 
  • They are keen to maximise guest retention
  • They understand that Google has increasing influence over guest behaviour
  • They value direct (non-OTA) bookings
  • They understand that excellent review performance is helpful in contract negotiations 
  • They understand that many potential guests resort to OTAs primarily because they are denied any alternative source of reviews
    That's it - there is nothing else that differentiates them from any other hotel apart from a consistently positive attitude towards reviews from both management and staff.

    So - on to the results...

    • Reviews to their own website averaged over a three per day (108 per month)
    • Reviews to TripAdvisor have averaged over two per day (77 per month)
    • Re-posts from Dialogue to TripAdvisor have averaged over 5 (5.7) per month
    • Positive (4* and 5*) reviews to TripAdvisor rose by 27% by comparison with the six months previous to adopting Dialogue
    • Negative (3*, 2* and 1* reviews) managed through Dialogue have averaged over ten per month (all but three of these have been resolved to both parties' satisfaction, in private). Negative posts to TripAdvisor have fallen by 78% by comparison with the six months previous to adopting Dialogue
    • All the above has directly resulted in a rise of 16% in their TripAdvisor ranking over the period

    Dear reader: we would like you to ask yourself two simple questions:
    1. How would you feel if this hotel was a direct competitor?
    2. How would your hotel benefit from results just like these?
    Providing you and your staff are good at what you do, there is no reason you should not look just as good; because these numbers reflect a business that is professional (but not perfect), and has simply taken the view that potential clients take notice of what their existing clients have to say.

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