Monday 17 February 2014

New from TripAdvisor for 2014 - TripConnect

Probably the biggest fundamental shift since the launch of TripAdvisor, TripConnect has now been live for three months. Time for us to comment then!

What is TripConnect?

Effectively a CPC version of TripAdvisor where anyone (including the hotel) can bid for a booking link. Here's a good description on Tnooz.

What are the advantages?

TripConnect effectively puts the hotel itself on a par with the OTAs. 


But at a cost. Here's a comment from a B and B owner:

Each hotel or group will be able to crunch their own numbers and determine ROI, but two aspects are clear:

  1. Your reviews and ranking are now of even more paramount importance. Guests will refer to these before booking. Here's a great post by Greg Bodenlos at Revinate - we agree with every word.
  2. Most Preferred Partners are not recommending their clients subscribe to Review Express; that makes sense as there is no way of making sure it doesn't generate unwarranted negative reviews.

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