Monday 29 April 2013

Blowing our own trumpet - success for a London client - and fast!

Here's the story of a large London 4* hotel...

Over the 10 months prior to implementing Dialogue, they received 74 ‘poor' or 'terrible’ reviews and 186 ‘excellent' or 'very good’ reviews on TripAdvisor. 40% of their reviews were negatives.

You can imagine the impact this was having on their business across the board: from rates to direct bookings. At the beginning of February they implemented Dialogue, and this is what has happened: 

Note: the two TripAdvisor reviews we have used to illustrate this post were taken at random from the site, not from our client's listing! - they illustrate the kind of opinion that Dialogue is enabling hotels to successfully deflect.

In the 3 months since implementation they have received 51 ‘excellent' or 'very good’ reviews and only 6 ‘poor' or 'terrible’ reviews, a massive improvement - a drop in negative reviews of nearly 75% - reflecting how successful Dialogue has been from day 1 in re-routing negatives direct to the hotel itself.

All without any decrease in positive reviews being posted to TripAdvisor.

And all they have done is operate Dialogue efficiently, their staff have swung behind it (and imagine the positive effect on their morale) and it's working wonders. We're very proud of these results, so no apologies for 'blowing our own trumpet'!

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  1. Congratulations - this is a great result! From a customer perspective it's really good to see quantified results. We lost 26 places in our ranking on Trustpilot because one less-than-perfect review got through recently.


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