Sunday 9 December 2012

Yelp - review filter working OK??

A flurry of activity surrounding Yelp recently - a builder in Washington DC is suing a Yelper for posting a defamatory review. The case is ongoing, but Yelp has been sufficiently concerned that they have deleted her review.

But that's not what intrigued us most: Yelp make much of their 'review filter' (see their explanation here) but it is working most mysteriously for Deitz Development's listing; a quick scan reveals eleven 1 star reviews, all posted in the last week, from 'customers' from as far afield as California, Ohio and Texas. Now, either Mr Deitz gets about a bit in search of work, or these are simply Yelpers driving the business's rating down because they don't like his legal stance.

Time to look again at your filter, Yelp?

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