Wednesday 21 November 2012

Horror stories (3) - Restaurateur jailed!

All our clients know that responses to reviews have to be:
  • Polite
  • Conciliatory
  • Constructive
...and above all - legal! Only last week one of our moderators spotted a potential PR nightmare in the making where the hotel guest was demanding compensation for a sleepless night and the hotelier seemed to be suspecting a mild form of blackmail and was about to include an allusion to this in their response. We spoke to the hotelier and suggested that an offer of 'three nights for two' next time the guest stayed might be a more constructive solution - the hotel adopted this strategy and the guest was satisfied (and did not go on to post a negative review).

In Ottowa things panned out slightly differently - and the result was 90 days in jail for the business owner.

Read the full story as reported in the Ottowa Citizen here

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