Monday 12 November 2012

Dialogue vs. conventional CRM

Clients often ask us...

"Why does Dialogue get such a high response when compared to our own CRM?"

We have collated a wealth of evidence, both numeric and anecdotal, over the years; here's our answer:

First - the promise to publish

When consumers know that they will be heard by more than just the business, they are more likely to respond.When they know that their review will definitely be published they are even more likely to respond

Second - the opportunity to get an issue resolved

Most people who post negatives don't want to hurt the business, they want to get an issue that's important to them resolved - and Resolution™ does just that for them. Often they actively want to continue to use the business concerned, providing they get a meaningful response to the issue they raise

Third - it's non-confrontational

Some people hate the thought of complaining face-to-face (or even direct by email). Dialogue gives them a completely non-confrontational channel to communicate issues that concern them - a massive benefit for businesses as well

Fourth - independence

They like the fact that HelpHound is verifying that they are a 'real customer' and that we impartially oversee the conversation.

Fifth - the 'thank you letter' syndrome

It's used as a modern way of writing a 'thank-you letter' for good service, and Dialogue gives consumers that opportunity at the click of a mouse

Sixth - it's not seen as 'an invitation to help the business run its business'

A lot of consumers we have spoken to have stressed this aspect - they expressed an aversion to the kind of CRM that 'simply helps the business'

Seventh - and perhaps most important of all:
The overwhelming majority of people who complain through Dialogue want to use the business again! In effect they are using Resolution™to get reassurance - that 'they'll get a better room next time', that 'next time they ring the [estate agent] they won't be put through to a recorded message' (Yes - it's happened).

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