Monday 25 March 2024

Make the most of your great reviews


There is an understandable tendency for businesses to focus on their review score and the absolute number of reviews they have, in the same way as consumers use these two indicators as a short-hand way to whittle down prospective services into a shortlist.

Your business has great reviews - on your own website and on Google. Of course it does, it's a HelpHound client. But don't just leave it there: use them in all of your marketing...
  • print
  • conventional media - PR and advertising
  • social media - Instagram/TikTok/Facebook
  • customer-facing displays
We know we are stating the obvious to some of you but we are still coming across businesses that hide their lights under a bushel. Well, not quite, but they do tend to stop once they have great reviews and great scores in the obvious places. 

If you think we've missed anything that works well for your business or would like us to share ideas that have worked for other clients please just call.

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