Friday 19 May 2017

Google Lens turns your phone's camera into a reviews feed

One day soon you will be simply able to point your camera at a business and see this:

 And whose reviews do you suppose? Google's of course! And by the way, your business - unlike the one in the image Google have used above - had better score north of 4.5 if it seriously wants to attract business

Think of the implications:
  • for potential customers - no fumbling in search, just point and press
  • for those attending meetings or pitches - just aim at the office and by the time the lift doors open you'll know what the business's customers think of it
But most of all - it is yet another validation of reviews - as Google are quoted as saying in today's Times:

"Users will be able to photograph... shops and restaurants* to find reviews" - yes, reviews, not Instagram or Twitter feeds or Facebook pages. If that is not sending businesses a very strong message to engage with reviews nothing is.

*Be sure they won't stop at shops and restaurants, any business listed on Google is bound to be included.

Google have not announced a launch date - so watch this space. For more read this article on TechCrunch or you can watch the official Google IO7 keynote video on Youtube (we've already watched it for you).

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