Wednesday 4 January 2017

Reviews made simple - the HelpHound solution

You would be forgiven for thinking that reviews are a minefield:
  • which site?
  • independent site? 
  • closed site?
  • Google?
  • unfair reviews?
  • inaccurate reviews?
  • fake reviews?

Just look at this - pretty typical - example of a search for an estate agent:

A minefield - for the business and their potential customers - five - yes five! - different independent sites with varying numbers of reviews - and one review on Google (and no score, because the business has less than 5 reviews there)

Search results like these don't help anyone - business or consumer - they simply cause more confusion when all the potential client is looking for clarity.

And now look at a HelpHound client:

121 Google reviews and a score of 4.8. Three solid gold rich snippets - and three great scores from their own HelpHound verified reviews in organic search. All together giving their potential clients ample reason to make contact

Clarity - and confidence. Consumers know and believe Google reviews - partly because of the Google brand and partly because of familiarity.

The key difference? HelpHound has given the business the confidence to ask its clients for reviews. Because the business will be given the opportunity to address inaccuracies and misleading statements pre-publication on its own website, the business is reassured that is much less likely to suffer unfair harm to its reputation.

N.B. HelpHound, because of this mechanism, can only work for and with businesses that are fully committed to very high standards of customer service. But that's great for everyone - because they know that this defines HelpHound clients as businesses that do take customer service very seriously indeed.


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