Wednesday 2 September 2015

Google logo change - is there a bigger message?

Take two minutes to watch their 'evolved' video, released yesterday afternoon (UK time):

And we'll think you'll agree: there's a pretty powerful message there.

To us it's simple: Google are saying that they are determined to continue to give their users the very best experience possible - enabling consumers to find the very best of what they/we want a mouse-click (or touch) away.

The key word in that last sentence is 'best'. In the future, users are not just going to want to be told 'the way to the aquarium' - they are going to want to know the way the 'the best aquarium'.

And there's only one way Google are going to quantify that: through reviews.

A small P.S:

Hopefully, you think there's another message as well: that it's worth just a part of your HelpHound membership fee to have us monitoring what's going on at Google (and Yelp and Facebook and TripAdvisor and...) for you as well!


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