Monday 2 March 2015

'Professional fouls'

No - not Diego Costa - yesterday's Sunday Times:

What do estate agents need to do to rise above this kind of article? Given that the profession as a whole does not look like it will be taking action any time soon, it has to be down to each agency to find its own solution. 


It's that world again! And for good reason. If your business is a 'good apple' and finds itself constantly tainted by the practices of the 'bad apples' it is no good ploughing ahead as if nothing was happening. Action needs to be taken. 

And Dialogue is here to do just that. Dialogue does not work for bad apples. There are features built in to Dialogue they don't like: the open invitation for any client to write a review at any time and especially the 'promise to publish' at the end of the review process are just two. 

And it's those very same features that make Dialogue work so well for great agents. Their clients love them and feel reassured by them. More important than that: their prospective clients can see that they're not 'bad apples' straight away, and in a way that even the slickest website or cleverest salesperson cannot imitate.

Foul No 10


For 'testimonials' that are what they seem: Dialogue. Enabling great agencies to differentiate themselves, first, last and every time.

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