Tuesday 24 February 2015

'High Street' estate agency v. 'Online' is missing the point

Your customers only care about the difference between 'good' and 'not so good'. It's called differentiation, and the profession as a whole is not very good at it.

What makes your agency better than the competition?
  • Local knowledge?
  • Range of services?
  • Negotiating skills?
  • Experience?
  • Brand?
The most popular answer by sellers surveyed by the Property Academy* was:
  • Reputation

Interestingly 'Online recommendations and reviews' come right down the list at 2% - that is because so few agents have engaged with reviews yet. 

So: How do you demonstrate your reputation (and differentiate yourselves from the competition)? Be that on your website (to encourage more enquiries) or face-to-face (to aid conversion). The answer, of course, is the YOU don't (because you cannot), your CLIENTS do it for you.

And to be sure your client reviews have complete credibility and you don't fall victim to unwarranted negatives you use Dialogue:

For even more commentary on the Property Academy's survey, go here.

*Over 4500 people were surveyed - a significantly representative sample from across the UK.

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