Friday 5 December 2014

Hotels and Google - the urgent need to re-focus

We have been predicting it for quite a while - and now it has happened; Google has made a major change in the way it returns hotels in search. It is live now in the US ( and the UK ( won't be far behind.

First - pre-change:

Now the new:

The impact:

A massive boost for Google reviews (you can just see the TripAdvisor listing at the bottom left-hand of the screenshot).

Action to be taken:

It is now more important than ever for hotels to ensure a steady flow of positive guest reviews to Google. Dialogue will do this - if you have any questions please speak to your business membership advisor.

In detail:
  1. Log into your Google My Business account and make sure your listing is 100% complete and verified
  2. Update your Google+ profile on a regular basis. New posts from Google+ can enhance your hotel’s listing and will have a positive impact on SEO
Google AdWords and Google My Business Integration

If Google My Business is new to you (it launched in June this year) read this first.
Google My Business integrates Google+, AdWords, and maps.
Last month Google AdWords location extensions began using information pulled from Google My Business accounts, making it more important than ever to ensure Google My Business profiles are 100% complete, verified, and accurate.
This will provide the most accurate location information to AdWords, meaning geo-targeted paid search listings are more likely than ever to be served.


Link Google My Business with your AdWords account. This is a simple process that allows your hotel location information to appear with your ads and informs AdWords location extensions. 

Ensure your location information is accurate in My Business, including the position of the marker on Google Maps. This will ensure AdWords location extensions are working in your favour, and also helps Google give users accurate driving directions and location information.

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