Monday 23 December 2013

Hotels - a useful insight into your competition

You may not immediately see AirBnB as a direct competitor (if you don't we suggest you read this piece in the Guardian, it also details AirBnB's phenomenal growth), but they are filling hundred's of thousand of rooms a month, and we don't believe those travelers would have simply stayed at home without AirBnB.

No matter: you should be aware of the aspects of AirBnB's offer that attract; the video we have linked to above does have relevance (remember we visit hundreds of hotels a year ourselves), and we would be very surprised if there was absolutely nothing to be gained from viewing it.

And there are lessons for us in there as well: in 2014 we will be introducing a forum for our members. There you will be able to interact and discuss topical issues - including ways to get the very best from your membership of Dialogue.

While we're on - note that AirBnB has proritised 'reviews' over 'description' "because we think they're way more important": second only to images (see 55.15 in the video).

Meanwhile, please do comment on the posts in this blog!

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