Wednesday 29 May 2013

TripAdvisor 'Review Express' gets a hotel a 'Killer Review'

You can be number 1 in your location, but that won't stop a 'killer review' harming your business. Last month TripAdvisor launched its 'Review Express' service, and just like we warned about potential drawbacks of 'Rave Reviews' we highlight the possible downside:

For those of you who would like to see the full death-dealing content...

Oh - and to complete the suite of TripAdvisor tools: a direct feed on the hotel's own home page - and guess what's on top? Another killer review...

Update 26 June - this hotel is no longer No1 in its area.

In summary:

If you run a perfect hotel, and, much more importantly, all your guests are perfect and would never dream of writing a negative review, then Review Express will work for you. 

Unfortunately we all have to live and work in the real world where guests do get out of the wrong side of the bed and want to vent their frustration; if you give them an easy-to-use mechanism they will use it (our clients know that) so you have to have a way of making sure they don't do it on TripAdvisor (like Dialogue).

If that easy-to-use mechanism is Review Express it will be used by all your unhappy guests to post direct to TripAdvisor, so it's definitely not something we would recommend.

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