Saturday 23 February 2013

Estate Agents - why adopt Dialogue NOW?

Here's the answer - in our clients' own words... and under each comment an example review from their websites...

Competition – Dialogue has been proven to gain business

Using HelpHound's Dialogue service has given us an edge against our competitors and differentiates our website in a very crowded marketplace.” David Simpson, MD, Shepherds

Credibilitygained from HelpHound's independence from your business, also means showing enough reviews, and reviews that are current – it’s a simple case of ‘the longer you wait…’

"Independence and credibility; it's not something we could have done ourselves

and Conversionfrom visit to enquiry and from valuation to instruction - Dialogue is proven to aid conversion…

we wouldn't be paying for it if it didn't." Duncan Pate, MD, Castles

Managing negatives – essential in these days of proliferating review sites and social media…

To have the opportunity to engage with clients before the reviews are posted, so as to be able to address any issues.” Roger Wilkinson, MD, Wilkinson Grant

Now, more than ever before, there are so many reasons to get Dialogue working for you, and, with no contract for the first 6 months, there's one less reason not to!

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