Thursday 3 January 2013

Results for 2012 - Hotels

Here we share with you the results we have achieved for our hotel clients in 2012. We are proud of these; when they are combined with the new services we are now offering clients for 2013 (Dynamic Display and Feedback Manager) we are confident that 2013 will see even more value being added...

Dialogue™ for Hotels in 2102
  • Average response rate: 5.2% - massively higher than any equivalent CRM, and - essentially - containing a very high proportion of the damaging negatives that might otherwise be posted live on the web - one client is achieving over 12%
  • Average score of 4.6/5 on 'overall opinion' - our clients are being rewarded by their guests...
  • 4.8% of reviews entered Resolution™ - containing some sort of issue and enabling the hotel management to resolve it offline
  • 98.6% were of these resulted in no final review posted - a massive win for both our clients and their guests
  • An average of 2.4 'helpful' votes per review - potential guests are referencing reviews before booking - increasing the likelihood of direct booking

 And as a result...
  • TripAdvisor rankings rose by 11.2% (more for clients who achieve a high % of guest email addresses)
  • scores rose by 13.7%
So: we're happy and our clients are very happy - here's what one has said...

"Since using HelpHound's Dialogue service we've seen a sharp increase in positive reviews on TripAdvisor and Guests tell us that they refer to these and our website before deciding to stay with us, and we're getting more direct bookings as a result. Consumers are getting savvy about the credibility of anonymous reviews, so highlighting verified, trustworthy reviews on our own site is crucial - it really can make the difference between a guest choosing to stay with us or at another hotel.

Another benefit of Dialogue is that it can alert us to complaints before they get posted online - this is extremely important for us, not only in resolving issues effectively and retaining customer loyalty, but also for minimising any negative online comments that we feel don't reflect our consistently high standards. Really grumpy people will still be grumpy and mean, and may run straight to TripAdvisor but people with realistic issues which can be resolved do like the Dialogue process and have been pleased with the outcome."

Christopher Nevile, CEO - The Lincoln Hotel

...and not simply because of these scores: Resolution is enabling them to retain guests who might otherwise not return, encourage direct booking through their website and understand even better how to deliver guest satisfaction.

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