Friday 28 September 2012

Scores rise on!

Dialogue works wonders for our hotel clients on

At HelpHound we monitor all our hotel clients’ performances on Since 1 January this year the results for our clients on have been truly outstanding: 93% of our clients have seen their scores rise or remain stable, with the 'risers' at 71%!

We don't take all the credit for these results, after all, a typical HelpHound client is dedicated to improving service and standards, but Dialogue's success in managing negatives before guests are tempted to post (remember - we see them all!) can rightfully take a bow.

But there's still room for improvement...

So let's look at those whose scores have drifted. In almost every case it transpires that they have been late in sending their emails out. The temptation to ‘hoard’ email addresses and send emails all at once on a particular day of the week is understandable, until the consequences are understood. send an automatic email to guests on the day they check out. So, to enable the guest to respond direct to the hotel through Dialogue, rather than posting publicly (and possibly affecting the hotel’s vital score) the Dialogue email must arrive first. Speed is of the essence.

In summary:

Send the emails immediately (some clients send them on the morning of departure and mention the 'invitation to review' on checkout - best practice). Your guest will then respond to you in private, giving you the chance to resolve any issues they may raise, in private, and your score stands an excellent chance of improving.

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