Friday 22 October 2010

Seven Steps to Managing Your Online Reputation

The subtitle to this article is
"Building B&H Photo’s reputation one angry customer at a time"
and it's well worth a read.
Henry Posner, a former professional photographer started handling online customer service for B&H 15 years ago.  To judge by the ratings, he is doing this remarkably successfully and is well known on pretty much all the camera-oriented forums, blogs, ratings sites, Facebook, Twitter etc.
His seven steps are as follows - but do click through and read the full article if you have the time.
1. If a customer complains, confirm, confess and correct:
2. If you’re not at fault, calmly make your case:
3. Go the extra mile for a trying customer, but not the extra hundred miles:
4. Customers appreciate useful info, not blab:
5. Customers only think they know what they want:
6. Keep your friends close, but your competitors closer:
7. Speak softly and carry a big rep:

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