Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Baroness Lane-Fox buys Twitter followers

'But what has that got to do with us?' we hear you ask.

The article could so easily be about a business's reviews. How about these for potential headlines..?

We estimate this headline would be currently applicable to over half of all UK businesses. If it applies to yours we suggest you contact us as a matter of urgency (it is the most common breach of the CMAs rules relating to reviews).

There has been high profile criticism of this practice - again, it is not CMA compliant - but we still see many businesses doing just that.

We have an ever-burgeoning file of businesses that play this game. It must have seemed like ever such a good idea at the time - 'Let's just get all our customers to write a review to [insert name of small insignificant independent reviews site] and then we can ask those that write glowing reviews there to copy them to [Google].'

Why do it when there is no need?

What amazes us is that these practices continue to be so commonplace today - after all, it's over two years since the Competitions & Markets Authority released its open letter to businesses. And no decent business need resort to them - HelpHound is here to ensure that.

Please also bear in mind that any breaches of this kind will almost certainly leave a paper-trail of email evidence a mile long for the CMA investigating team to sink their teeth into (if we have it - and we do - you can be sure they will find it).

Handing your competitors a big stick

On top of this (and we are the first to admit that it is statistically unlikely that it will be your business that is fined first) in the short term anyone breaking the CMA rules - and it's very easy to spot - is handing a massive advantage to their competitors. All they have to do is hint at the breaches we have highlighted...

    "Of course XYZ estate agents look good, they only ask their happy customers to post a review."


 "Of course ABC Ltd looks good, their customers can only post a review a week after they make their purchase."

...and trust is undermined.

So: become compliant today - join HelpHound and both you and you customers can rest assured that your reviews will accurately - and compliantly - reflect the business you are.



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